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Did you know there are approximately 3500 homes for sale in the Montgomery  and other surrounding areas? The average number of houses sold per month over the past year in the surrounding areas 1000. With that type of available homes to sold homes ratio in the Greater Montgomery area you need someone to aggressively market and sell your home. Call me today and let me show you how you can be on the SOLD side of that ratio.

Another interesting statistic is that we are averaging 1000 more homes on the market compared to this time last year and the average days on market has gone from 3.5 months to 7+ months. Call me today and let me show you how you can sell your home faster and for more money!

Exciting things are happening in Montgomery, Prattville, and surrounding areas with the continued growth of the new Hyundai automobile plant in Montgomery which is bringing new suppliers and related businesses to the area. The demand for new and existing homes for sale is definitely on the rise in an already competitive real estate sales environment.

Sellers...Valuable Information to Sell Your Home Faster!

There are several things a seller needs to do to prepare for the selling of their home the first thing to do is call me, and let me handle everything else.  (Hyper links below)


First Impressions Are Lasting!

Ensure That Your Property Shows at Its Very Best!

Preparing Your House on a Moment’s Notice 

Now… Evaluate the Inside of Your Property Through the Critical Eyes of the Buyer! ♦ Wash all windows, inside and out, adding to the overall impression and to help your property show in a nice, bright light. Curtains should be clean and attractive. ♦ Remove all smoke, pet, and hobby odors from the property. ♦ Clean all light bulbs, light fixtures, and chandeliers so that the property is brighter. ♦ Shampoo all carpets and vacuum them daily. If the carpet does not clean up well, replace it. Use a neutral color, or remove the carpet if hardwood floors underneath are in good condition. ♦ Clean everything in your house from top to bottom, from the attic to the basement. ♦ Remove all “junk” from the attic, basement, closets, garage, tool shed, and especially from the storage area if your property has one. Large storage areas are appealing to buyers. Rent a storage area for those items that need to be cleared out of these areas. ♦ Remove posters and adhesive from walls and doors. Putty and paint any holes that result from nails or other mishaps. ♦ Clean or paint the basement walls and floor. ♦ Wax hardwood floors. ♦ Remove all cobwebs. ♦ Paint all inside walls with off‐white paint. Use two or more coats to cover bold, bright, or dark walls. All walls should be painted—not just washed—brightening the property and making it look much larger. ♦ Ensure that the doorbell is in good working order. ♦ Make sure that all entrance doors—front door, storm door, screen door—are in excellent condition. If not, replace them. Again, this is the first impression the buyer has of the property. Lighting and cleanliness are especially important. ♦ Repair or replace all room doors, closet doors, and windows and screens so that they open with ease. ♦ Repair or replace banisters and handrails. ♦ Repair or replace broken tiles on walls or floors in showers. ♦ Repair or replace loose wallpaper. ♦ If the basement shows any sign of water or structural damage, it may be necessary to obtain a structural engineer’s report. ♦ Replace toilet bowls if you cannot get them spotlessly clean. It is a minimal expense and makes a big difference. ♦ Replace shower curtains and keep them clean. ♦ Improve the plumbing to increase water pressure. Buyers will check this every time. Replace the washers in the faucets and remove rust stains.